Empathy (2019)

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Cover photo by Michael Helmer

The first album released as Grizzly Bird and the first with Nils Wenzel on bass and Florian Dietrich on drums. Empathy is a wild ride stylistically and emotionally and it's centered around a single lyrical theme: Every song explores relationships between humans and animals. I felt like I was on a mission while making this album. Empathy is a philosophical statement, my tiny contribution at making the world a better place.

 Released June 14th 2019, via The Famous Gold Watch Records

This album is available as a CD and book-version with digital download on Bandcamp.

1. Koko & Kanzi
2. My Friends
3. Ulla & Max
4. All Is Well
5. 27 Jahre
6. Horn
7. Bloodlust
8. La Selva
9. La Michi
10. Lanugo