New Album: Empathy

If you came to my shows during the last years, you probably heard me say that I've been working on an album about animals. In June you will finally be able to hear it. Empathy, as it is called, will be released on June 14th by The Famous Gold Watch Records and it will be both Grizzly Bird's and the label's debut. A day before that, we will present it live at Barkett in Berlin Schöneberg.
A pre-order is now up at Bandcamp, where you can also listen to a new song, All Is Well
Apart from the usual digital stuff, the album will be released on CD - still the most practical physical product for me at this point. It will contain a booklet with incredible animal photography by our bass player Nils, as well as all the lyrics. And with this album, the lyrics are probably more important than ever. The cover picture was taken by Michael Helmer, who usually makes photos of the Allgäu, my home region, that are not quite as dark. I am really happy that he let me use this one, as it fits the album perfectly.

Widow (live at The Famous Gold Watch)

Here's the third and last of the live videos we shot last summer at The Famous Gold Watch in Weißensee. Widow is a song I wrote a very long time ago for my old band Orange Harvest Autumn Pumpkin. I never stopped playing it and over the years it turned into many different versions with different line-ups. So it's nice to have this version with the current line-up recorded.

Koko & Kanzi (live at The Famous Gold Watch)

My Friends (live at The Famous Gold Watch)

Shortly before we are playing at Schokoladen this Wednesday, I am proud to be able to present to you the first live video of the new trio line-up. My Friends is the first of three songs that we recorded live at The Famous Gold Watch in Berlin Weißensee with Cameron James Laing, who also mixed and mastered the forthcoming album Empathy there.

Koko & Kanzi / In Evil Long

The new single Koko & Kanzi is now available digitally. I added a cover that I recorded last week as a b-side. In Evil Long is a folk song found in The Shenandoah Harmony as an a-capalla version from 1848. I like how the song sounds like a ghost story and thought it would sound nice with more guitar.

You can find it here:

Google Play:

Hans Sølo → Grizzly Bird

I decided I will no longer be making music under the name Hans Sølo. Relax, I will continue to make music. But I'm tired of being asked the same questions over and over. "Do you like Star Wars?" "Is the pun intentional?" "Why does it say solo, when there are other people on stage?" But most of all, the name is impossible to google. All you get is Star Wars. And it's impossible to find my videos on Youtube. All you see is Hip Hop by the various other musicians called Hans Solo. And Star Wars, of course. I don't like being influenced in my choice of name by computers and algorithms, but unfortunately in these times, this matters. A lot.

So from now on, I will be making music under the moniker Grizzly Bird. Try a search on Youtube. You will find my videos, finally. The show in Düsseldorf on Tuesday will be the first one as Grizzly Bird.