The Lakes

 Our new single The Lakes is out now! For this song, I had the idea for the video while still writing the song. It was a last minute inclusion on the EP Somewhere Between, written just before we entered the studio last August. I am so glad we recorded it. The video was filmed by our bass player Nils Wenzel, who also took the cover picture of the EP.

Interview on Mystic Sons

Mystic Sons took some time to interview me about my beginnings and inspirations and also wrote some nice words about The Drummer's Trauma. Read the feature here:

The Basement Tales: Camomile & Rusk


The Basement Tales is a monthly video session at The Famous Gold Watch studio, filmed with just one camera and one mic. Or rather it was supposed to be monthly, but came to a stop thanks to the pandemic. But at the end of last year we managed to film a new episode, right in time to give you another preview of the upcoming Somewhere Between EP. This is Camomile & Rusk in its stripped down duet version with Mone.

The Drummer's Trauma


Our new single The Drummer's Trauma is released today, along with a glorious music video directed by Nick Scholey & Merle Sibbel. It's the first song of our forthcoming EP Somewhere Between. We started a crowdfunding campaign to finance the EP:

The Drummer's Trauma was recorded at The Famous Gold Watch by Cameron James Laing. The video stars many friends and musicians of the Berlin folk scene, including Michael Brinkworth as the annoying drummer.


Here's a new video for a new song, 'Balconies'. This was a rather spontaneous effort. I had the idea for the song while riding my brothers mountain bike over the hills of my home area during an exceptionally warm April. I wrote the lyrics in the afternoon and figured out the guitar part in the evening. Katharina filmed me playing the song live a couple of days later.

My Friends (Video)

My Friends is now out as a digital single including a live version of Widow as a b-side. On one of the last sunny autumn days in 2019 we shot this simple music video for the song. It was made with help from The Famous Gold Watch Records collective.